We use digital screens in our daily lives now more than ever before, which means we’re more exposed to increased levels of blue light. Our team at Missouri Eye Consultants can help protect your eyes from digital eye strain with blue light-blocking solutions to prevent uncomfortable over-exposure.

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What is Blue Light?

Much like how the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are harmful to our eyes, extended exposure to blue light can cause eye strain because it has higher energy levels than other visible light. Digital screens are a large source of this blue spectrum light, and while it isn’t harmful in moderation, excessive blue light can negatively impact your sleep cycle, leading to difficulty sleeping and restlessness.

Why Blue Light Protection Is Important?

While digital screens are an unavoidable part of everyday life in this day and age, blue light overexposure doesn’t have to be! Over time, excessive exposure to blue light from screen time can damage your retina. Too much blue light, especially at the end of the day, can also disrupt normal sleep patterns. Blue light blocking technology is embedded into the lens of your prescription glasses. Some patients prefer to have a separate pair of dedicated glasses for computer use. This type of computer prescription will have blue light filtering, anti-reflective treatment, prism to aid in convergence demand, and a computer working distance focal length.

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We Can Help at Missouri Eye Consultants

All our offices have a variety of potential options for guarding your eyes from the unpleasant effects of blue light. Our experienced staff understands the discomfort blue light can cause and can set you up with the right solution for your needs.

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We Have a Variety of
Blue Light Options

If blue light protection makes sense for your lifestyle, our opticians can locate lenses and eyewear that will fit your specific requirements, allowing you to use screens clearly and comfortably. We have a huge variety of eyeglasses and frames and can add blue light blocking protection to most of them — just ask a member of our staff!

Choose Us for Blue Light Glasses

We’ve served our patients for over 60 years at Missouri Eye Consultants and have built our reputation around caring for our community’s eyes. We’re your local experts, and want you to have the best vision possible, whether you need blue light protection or any of the other eye care services we provide. Visit one of our offices to find out how we can enhance your vision by protecting you from uncomfortable blue light.


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