At Missouri Eye Consultants, we’re dedicated to taking care of your children’s eyes and vision with pediatric eye exams and kid-friendly care.

What is a Pediatric Eye Exam?

A pediatric eye exam is similar to one of our standard comprehensive eye exams, but these exams are tailored by our pediatric eye doctors. We use these exams to monitor the rapid changes that will happen to your child’s eyes as they develop, and adjust our care plan as they get older to keep them seeing clearly!

Pediatric clinic at Missouri Eye Consultants

For over 60 years, we’ve been a trusted eye care provider for an ever-growing number of communities in our home state of Missouri — and we want our neighbors to see as clearly as possible. We use HD imaging and other diagnostics equipment to get a complete picture of your eye health. If we find any issues with your eyes, we have all the expertise and technology needed to take care of them!

What Happens During a Pediatric Eye Exam?

During our pediatric eye exams, our caring team will use advanced, child-friendly technology and search for conditions more common in younger eyes. We also make sure to employ gentle techniques and easy-to-understand terminology to connect with your child and make them comfortable. With our experienced pediatric eye doctors, your child will have a pleasant and unscary experience in their exam, helping to establish a foundation of trust for a lifetime of healthy eyes.

Pediatric clinic at Missouri Eye Consultants
parent teach kid how to apply contact lens

Myopia Management

Commonly known as nearsightedness, myopia is a condition where objects at a distance appear blurry. If left untreated, myopia will continue to progress, requiring frequent and stronger glasses prescriptions, and can cause more serious eye health issues later in life. That’s why it’s best treated in childhood with myopia management, which actually slows down the progression of a child’s nearsightedness resulting in healthier eyes now and later in life. We monitor your child’s eyes in their exams and create a custom plan using a variety of methods, including MiSight contact lenses and atropine eye drops to slow myopia’s progression.

Why Choose Us?

We’re locally owned, which means our team doesn’t just serve your community, we’re members of it ourselves! We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of world-class eyecare and believe in investing in the future by making sure our youngest patients’ eyes are healthy! We have extensive experience making kids comfortable and keeping their vison clear, forging lifelong doctor-patient relationships. We start caring for their eyes when they’re babies thanks to our participation in the InfantSEE program, which provides a no-cost comprehensive eye exam for infants 6 to 12 months old, regardless of family income.

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Our Experts Serving You

Our team is proud to provide exceptional eye care for every member of the family, including your children. Our pediatric eye doctors have experience with a wide range of eye conditions and issues, including ones we see far more often in children. We’ll make your child’s time with us positive, fun, and engaging, so a visit to our offices will be something they look forward to!

Dr. Mellisa the Expert Pediatric Care

Expert Pediatric

Dr. Melissa Liepins-Masek

Our pediatric care is led by Dr. Liepins-Masek, who is passionate about providing specialized eye exams and treatment for children. She is skilled in treating patients of all ages, but especially loves caring for the vision of little ones. You can rest easy knowing your child’s eyesight is protected by Dr. Liepins-Masek and the rest of our talented team!

Dr. Jacqueline Myopia Specialist

Myopia Managment

Dr. Jacqueline Byrd

Children in our myopia management program are in the extremely capable hands of Dr. Byrd in our California office. She specializes in identifying myopia — as well as determining the best way to limit its progress and reduce its effect on your child’s eyesight.

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Everyone is so friendly. I feel I had a great exam. Dr. Winston makes you feel like you are the only appointment he has. He takes his time and you do not feel rushed.

Tena C.

 “Very impressed. Everyone is efficient at their jobs so it doesn’t take long for the eye exam and fitting of glasses! Highly recommend!”

Judy W.

“Moberly Eye Center has great customer service. All the staff was patient with my son. He is very shy and struggles with anxiety. They were able to make him comfortable for the eye exam.” 

Heather H.

“The thoroughness of the exam, the friendly but professional demeanor of the Doctor and staff, and the quality of the eyeglasses I received, give a top notch rating to the Moberly Eye Center in my opinion and experience. I most definitely will continue to use this service and highly recommend them to one and all. You will not find a better place to receive eye care!!”

Linda P.

“Dr. Liepins is beyond AMAZING! It’s evident that she’s very passionate about not only her job/work but her patients in general. Both my kiddos (ages 7 & 3) are at ease with her which speaks volumes for how well she does her job. Dr. Liepins is fabulous and everyone we’ve encountered in the office has been great. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Columbia Eye Consultants!” 

Stephanie A.

“This group takes care of my entire family and they are always well taken care. I have been a patient for over 15 years and highly recommend Columbia Eye Consultants!”

Bus T.

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