Missouri Eye Consultants is proud to provide Missouri with world class eye care and the clearest vision — in part thanks to our industry-leading technology!

Eyes Scanning at Missouri

Our Technology Helps Us Serve All Your Eye Care Needs

We believe in offering truly complete eye care to all our patients, no matter what their eyesight needs, which is why we keep our offices outfitted with state-of-the-art technology. Our dedicated doctors know how to make the most of these tools to monitor your eyes and correct any issues, often long before they can affect your vision. We’ll deliver you the service and vision you need, with the comfort and convenience you deserve!

The Advanced Equipment in Our Offices

Our team always uses the latest equipment to give our patients the best, like optical coherence tomography and ultra-wide field retinal imagers for a complete image of your eye’s retina. You’ll also find visual field perimeters, external ocular cameras and corneal topographers, so we can monitor every aspect of your vision and eyes — and the health of important structures in your eye, like the cornea. We use cutting edge technology in nearly every aspect of our care, including treatment for dry eye disease and other eye conditions.
Technology Helps Us Serve All Your Eye Care

Clear Benefits for You

As your one-stop shop for quality eye care, we believe you shouldn’t need to go anywhere else for accurate diagnostics and specialized solutions. With our fully updated equipment, we’re able to provide in-office treatments and tailored eyewear for a huge range of conditions. Whether you’re worried about eye diseases that come with age or want to make sure your children have clear eyesight from the start, we’ll keep your family’s eyes healthy and vision crisp for years to come!

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You Can Trust Us for Advanced Care

We’ve provided exceptional eye care to our communities for more than 60 years — and constantly challenge ourselves to offer an even better experience. Our advanced technology lets our expert doctors provide specialized treatments for all kinds of eye conditions and long-lasting, crystal-clear vision.


“Dr. DeRose has provided exceptional expertise at a much needed time. He was able to diagnose my condition when my doctor, ER docs, etc. couldn’t. Then he didn’t just stop there. He went out of his way to make sure I was cared for. It’s humbled me how he’s cared for me like a family member of his own. I will forever be indebted to him for helping me at a difficult time. I will always go to him for all my eye care needs and send him many recommendations.”

Rachel K.

“Was my first visit to the Ashland location. Staff was very friendly. Had been with Dr. Nichols until his recent retirement, and was pleased with Dr. Gamble.”

Bonita L.

“I always receive a thorough exam from Vision Health Eyecare and feel that Dr. Don Vanderfeltz is very knowledgeable and a leader in his field. He does a good job at educating me about the condition of my eyes and providing eye care solutions. I entrust my vision to him. His staff also are very helpful and accommodating. The community of California, as well as surrounding areas, are very lucky to have such skilled eye care available to them.”

Marian F.

“I have been going to Dr. Vanderfeltz at Vision Health Eye Care for many years. Everyone is friendly, efficient, and professional. I trust them completely to know what is best for my very poor vision.”

Carla S.

“Has been taking care of my eyes for many years, couldn’t ask for better.”

Glenna J.

“There was no wait when I arrived. Lindsey got right to business and explained each step. I had a great 1st meeting with my new eye doctor Dr. Melissa Liepens. She is very personable and i felt a good new relationship beginning.” 

Dee M.

Serving Your Eyecare Needs For 60+ Years

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