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For every pair of glasses purchased at Missouri Eye Consultants, $7 will be donated towards KindSight 20/20 to help move our mission forward.

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For more than 60 years, Missouri Eye Consultants has served the vision needs of patients throughout the region. Our eye doctors and team are also dedicated to giving back, both to the communities they live in and to the less fortunate throughout the world, including through our KindSight 20/20 initiative.













KindSight2020 community program of Missouri Eye Consultants


Around the year 2000, now-retired Missouri Eye Consultants doctor Jim Gamble — our own Dr. Jeff Gamble’s dad — went on a trip to Chichicastenango, Guatemala with the ASELSI mission, where he provided eye services to underserved communities. This trip showed Dr. Jim Gamble the vast need for eye care in that area of Guatemala, and he began making trips on a regular basis, with other MEC doctors joining him as the tradition grew. Around 2008, Missouri Eye Consultants decided to formally adopt this project by naming it ‘KindSight 20/20’ and supporting it financially through the earnings of the practice. And if you’ve purchased glasses from us you’ve contributed to the cause and likely don’t even know it! $7 from every glasses purchase goes towards KindSight 20/20.

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Learning & Serving

As part of this partnership, the University of Incarnate Word also sends teams of staff, ophthalmology, and optometry students to Guatemala in June and November, with financial support from Missouri Eye Consultants.


Missouri Eye Consultants is proud to partner with the University of Incarnate Word Rosenberg School of Optometry on KindSight 20/20, giving optometry students the chance to provide life-changing eyesight to patients in regions that otherwise wouldn’t have easy access to it.

doctor of KindSight2020 program at Missouri Eye Consultants

Learning & Serving

As part of this partnership, the University of Incarnate Word also sends teams of staff and optometry students to Guatemala in June and November, with financial support from Missouri Eye Consultants.

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Current Outreach

KindSight 20/20 currently takes four trips per year, with Missouri Eye Consultant doctors covering the trips in the spring and fall. While the program originally focused strictly on optometry services, we’re proud to have expanded our reach in recent years to include ophthalmological services on all four seasonal trips — this has allowed us the opportunity to provide cataract surgery, which is sorely needed in the area.

Your Glasses Purchase Makes a Huge Impact

 Every pair of glasses you purchase from Missouri Eye Consultants has an outsized impact on underserved populations in Guatemala. Here’s just how far the $7 from your glasses purchase goes to make a difference:

  • $30 provides a comprehensive eye exam in a clinical setting by one of our team doctors.
  • $50 will provide vision screenings in remote villages for 10 patients.
  • $80 covers the cost for six ready-made, low-power, over-the-counter glasses.
  • $100 will provide two patients with prescription glasses for more complex vision problems.
  • $200 will cover the cost for cataract surgery for each patient including medications and surgical supplies.

Ways to Give

 If you’re looking for a way to contribute above and beyond what you already give by purchasing your glasses through Missouri Eye Consultants, you can make a tax-deductible monetary donation. Your generous gift allows Missouri Eye Consultants to broaden their services and offer underprivileged Guatemalans access to much needed eye care.
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Our Eye Care Promise

Missouri Eye Consultants makes it easy to get great eye care in the state, and your patronage and support of our practices enables us to do this amazing work around the world. We think everyone deserves the right to have great eyesight, regardless of where they live, and we’re always honored to have patients agree with us. No matter if we’re serving you here at home or examining eyes in another country, we’re committed to making sure every patient we see gets the eye care — and vision — they deserve.
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7 Locations Where You Can Make a Difference

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Montgomery City

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Everyone is so friendly. I feel I had a great exam. Dr. Winston makes you feel like you are the only appointment he has. He takes his time and you do not feel rushed.

Tena C.

 “Very impressed. Everyone is efficient at their jobs so it doesn’t take long for the eye exam and fitting of glasses! Highly recommend!”

Judy W.

“Moberly Eye Center has great customer service. All the staff was patient with my son. He is very shy and struggles with anxiety. They were able to make him comfortable for the eye exam.” 

Heather H.

“The thoroughness of the exam, the friendly but professional demeanor of the Doctor and staff, and the quality of the eyeglasses I received, give a top notch rating to the Moberly Eye Center in my opinion and experience. I most definitely will continue to use this service and highly recommend them to one and all. You will not find a better place to receive eye care!!”

Linda P.

“Dr. Liepins is beyond AMAZING! It’s evident that she’s very passionate about not only her job/work but her patients in general. Both my kiddos (ages 7 & 3) are at ease with her which speaks volumes for how well she does her job. Dr. Liepins is fabulous and everyone we’ve encountered in the office has been great. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Columbia Eye Consultants!” 

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“This group takes care of my entire family and they are always well taken care. I have been a patient for over 15 years and highly recommend Columbia Eye Consultants!”

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